Sundeck cushion for sailboats – Model Ostroweb Fari White

Nothing is more pleasant than letting the sea lull you as you lay down on a comfortable Ostroweb Sundeck Cushion, whit the sound of splashing of the waves in your ears.  Neat lines, simple and fashionable design with nautical style lining colors and designs, comfort and quality: that’s our Sundeck. The oddity of the winds will no longer represent an issue: two little side-strings make it possible to tie down the Sundeck either to the stays or to the cleats of the boat. For the most comfortable and complete travel experience.

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Details, sometimes, make the difference, that is why we put great care and attention when it comes to choose the materials used to produce our Sundeck Cushions for the Bow of Boats type Fari White, in order to make them comfortable, elegant and flexible.
We are convinced that the time spent on boat has to be just as pleasant and relaxing as being at home, only without walls and surrounded by the beauty of the sea…
In order to produce the Sundeck Cushions for the Bow of Boats type Fari White, we have selected the high-quality Sunbrella fabrics, these fabrics were designed to guarantee the best in terms of protection and sustainability, requirements that can be considered imperatives for the production of a fabric used typically on boats.
Subrella fabrics are produced with refined water-repelling techniques that grant them resistance and durability. Another great virtue of this product is the easy maintenance (click here).
For the best maintenance of the product we suggest the purchase of the Cleaning Kit: (click here).
Our line of products, outstanding when it comes to style choices, feature special padding for nautical and outdoor use, giving fabrics high breathability and, as a consequence, a fast drying cycle, also thanks to the following unique properties:
– high breathability internal structure;
– great quantity of air recycling;
– fast drying cycle;
– excellent elasticity;
– high resistance to salted water, to sweat and chemical substances.
Note: our Sundeck are all made from single mats (see datasheet related) that need to be joined together through velcro’s stripes which are present on the internal sides of the mattresses.

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