Under Mattress Airy Nautical Breathair

The under mattress “Airy” is made of Breathair, the exclusive Toyobo product.

(*)From the finest Japanese technology, Breathair is changing the world of padding.
A tridimensional item with a carrying capacity of 100kgs per cube meter and able to repel humidity or any other type of liquid. This material can hold on to its shape, just like polyurethane.
Finally you can forget about humidity and transpiration problems, stains and bacteria; finally a washable anti-allergic material that doesn’t absorb water, dust or grease, 70% made of AIR.

(*) copyright Breathair Italia.

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Sailing, spending your spare time on a boat: it’s all about relax, fun and sense of freedom, allowing you to see new places with limitless space and autonomy.

And while you’re having a wonderful time, we take care of your rest, to make equal to your spare time quality.
That’s why we offer you an under mattress that doesn’t absorb humidity, which would otherwise ruin your mattress and your sleep.

“Airy” is the name of our under mattress, symbolizing evanescence, like the thin clouds at dusk.

Buying Guide

P.N: for sizes beyond two meters long and one meter wide, the under mattress may come in two or more pieces because the slab is produced in the following dimensions: 200 cm in length – 100 cm in width.

Additional information

Weight 7.6 kg
Forma Sottomaterasso Nautica

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